Saturday, 4 August 2012

thankyou thankyou thankyou

To all our wonderful Playful Market team 
who helped make our July Market an amazing experience

so kindly for
helping to:
make decorations
approach real estate businesses
create graphics
invite people
encourage creative minded people to 'Full Circle'
to make & collect 110 items of 12 colours for the RTH
to move the furniture about
to put up signs
to go food shopping
to find helpers to help
to greet people at our doors
to serve people food
to sizzle the sausages
to make the table cloths
to wind a pom pom or two
to saw & nail the grand gateway for the RTH
to hang the decorations
to mark out the stall holder spaces
for a PM sound track
to move tables
design banners
to set up lights
to find fridge & freezer space
to donate &/or sort 2nd hand books
& glass jars & 110 egg cartons
to paint 110 egg cartons in 12 colours
& to label them
to organise the Lob-a-choc table
to write up chalk board sandwich boards
to make sure we had BBQ's that had gas to go!
to break up blocks of chocolate
to set up the Prayers & Squares quilt display
to make a spiders web
to bring an emergency magnetic fishing rod
to fire up the fairy floss with thus required extension cord
to write & draw arrows all over the Ashburton footpaths
to set up the signs
to personel the 2nd hand books
to stick up-cycled labels in each of the 2nd hand books
to hang the bunting flags
to sew the bunting flags
to set up the flower jars
to glue eyes on the rock friends
to cut out the lady bugs
to bake the gingerbread
to order & collect the sauasages
to meet the Aussie Farmers & gratefully accept 30 litres of donated milk
to arrange the pinboards
to create a flyer
to photocopy the flyer
to scan the church plan
to hitch up the tarp ...
for dreaming up all the RTH ideas
to sweep the footpaths
for baking for the Homemade Goodies stall
for making & knitting an amazing collection for the Homemade Goodies stall
to bring in emergency tan bark
to move the umbrella
to make the soup
to contact our amazing PM stall holders
to greet the stall holders
to write a PM blog ...
to take the photos
for being the amazing Clown Marcella
for making wonderful balloon animals
to create the FULL CIRCLE project
to hand the Full Circle project
to photograph the Full Circle project
to prepare & paint the eager faces
for dressing up in costume & playing a part in the RTH
to follow behind & replenish the RTH
for moving very large cardboard circles in a ute, twice!
to clean up the rubbish
to make sure there was toilet paper & soap
for fetching me drinks & food ...
for just getting to & packing up ...
for taking down the signs
for selling off the extra defrosted pies
for moving back all the furniture
for counting the monies raised!!!!

over $5000 people
pretty wonderful for a rainy, wintry Olympic viewing Saturday we thinks!!
whooo hooo!!

 We hope you had fun!!
We certainly appreciate your gift of time & talent!
ABC you make an amazing team
& we are so proud of you guys!!!
ABC is a wonderful place to be ...
for lots more photos go over here ...

Our next Playful Market is on the 8th of December & we have lots of
wonderful Christmas themed ideas happening .....
We do hope that you will consider playing a part once again 
 & hope you have great fun doing so while spending time
with others from our ABC community!
Let me know if you'd like to be involved!

We'd also really love to hear from you with any ideas or contributions or
feedback so if you'd like to take the time to email us back we'd truly
appreciate your efforts.

Many thanks

on behalf of the Playful Market Committee
CC: Aretha & Christin


  1. it was a lovely day with lots of effort and time put in, I loved all the roof decorations and how everything ran so wonderfully well. lets hope for a little bit better weather in December, and a few more people to make their way from the cafe down to the end of the market :)
    Thanks again and look forward to being a part of it in December
    Bec (Baby Chilli)

  2. A super effort it's appreciated, well done!