Thursday 17 October 2013

playful market - petite edition

its on!
the playful market

Saturday 30th November
9am til 3pm
Ashburton Baptist Church
 fundraising for
& the ABC Kitchen Upgrade Project
..... so excited

includes the Full Circle Exhibition

Wednesday 28 November 2012

its going to be a sun shine-y happy day ..

come along people ...
our Christmas edition of
the Playful Market
is only 9 sleeps away
find us on Face Book too ...
... 'like' us & 'share' us ....

Saturday 17 November 2012

Christmas edition ...

so excited .... here we go
the Playful Market
is soooo very much fun
i love all the team effort aspect
so here we are about to
join in & make a wonderful event happen once again
come along
join in .... mark it on your calendars

handmade & fair trade market stalls
a join-in & dress up nativity scene
(more fun that scary santa's knee!!)
face painting
fairy floss
jumping castle
gingerbread decorating
live performances
cakes & homemade goodies
caroling singers
sausage sizzle
kids games
the "make a wish" Christmas Tree activity

Saturday 4 August 2012

thankyou thankyou thankyou

To all our wonderful Playful Market team 
who helped make our July Market an amazing experience

so kindly for
helping to:
make decorations
approach real estate businesses
create graphics
invite people
encourage creative minded people to 'Full Circle'
to make & collect 110 items of 12 colours for the RTH
to move the furniture about
to put up signs
to go food shopping
to find helpers to help
to greet people at our doors
to serve people food
to sizzle the sausages
to make the table cloths
to wind a pom pom or two
to saw & nail the grand gateway for the RTH
to hang the decorations
to mark out the stall holder spaces
for a PM sound track
to move tables
design banners
to set up lights
to find fridge & freezer space
to donate &/or sort 2nd hand books
& glass jars & 110 egg cartons
to paint 110 egg cartons in 12 colours
& to label them
to organise the Lob-a-choc table
to write up chalk board sandwich boards
to make sure we had BBQ's that had gas to go!
to break up blocks of chocolate
to set up the Prayers & Squares quilt display
to make a spiders web
to bring an emergency magnetic fishing rod
to fire up the fairy floss with thus required extension cord
to write & draw arrows all over the Ashburton footpaths
to set up the signs
to personel the 2nd hand books
to stick up-cycled labels in each of the 2nd hand books
to hang the bunting flags
to sew the bunting flags
to set up the flower jars
to glue eyes on the rock friends
to cut out the lady bugs
to bake the gingerbread
to order & collect the sauasages
to meet the Aussie Farmers & gratefully accept 30 litres of donated milk
to arrange the pinboards
to create a flyer
to photocopy the flyer
to scan the church plan
to hitch up the tarp ...
for dreaming up all the RTH ideas
to sweep the footpaths
for baking for the Homemade Goodies stall
for making & knitting an amazing collection for the Homemade Goodies stall
to bring in emergency tan bark
to move the umbrella
to make the soup
to contact our amazing PM stall holders
to greet the stall holders
to write a PM blog ...
to take the photos
for being the amazing Clown Marcella
for making wonderful balloon animals
to create the FULL CIRCLE project
to hand the Full Circle project
to photograph the Full Circle project
to prepare & paint the eager faces
for dressing up in costume & playing a part in the RTH
to follow behind & replenish the RTH
for moving very large cardboard circles in a ute, twice!
to clean up the rubbish
to make sure there was toilet paper & soap
for fetching me drinks & food ...
for just getting to & packing up ...
for taking down the signs
for selling off the extra defrosted pies
for moving back all the furniture
for counting the monies raised!!!!

over $5000 people
pretty wonderful for a rainy, wintry Olympic viewing Saturday we thinks!!
whooo hooo!!

 We hope you had fun!!
We certainly appreciate your gift of time & talent!
ABC you make an amazing team
& we are so proud of you guys!!!
ABC is a wonderful place to be ...
for lots more photos go over here ...

Our next Playful Market is on the 8th of December & we have lots of
wonderful Christmas themed ideas happening .....
We do hope that you will consider playing a part once again 
 & hope you have great fun doing so while spending time
with others from our ABC community!
Let me know if you'd like to be involved!

We'd also really love to hear from you with any ideas or contributions or
feedback so if you'd like to take the time to email us back we'd truly
appreciate your efforts.

Many thanks

on behalf of the Playful Market Committee
CC: Aretha & Christin

Thursday 2 August 2012

Trading was all Handmade & Fair .... & awesome

 a huge thankyou to all our Playful Market
stall holders who are an amazing support
& without whom we wouldn't be hosting a 'market'
our all about yarn expert Heather
who is passionate about having fun, making & kids
some of her wonderful creations on display
thanks Heather for being such a ray of sunshine
to our Playful Market

 here's Joanna from Silk Lotus
chatting about all the wonderful pieces on her display
for more info please go to the Silk Lotus web site

 works above & below by my friend Anna
i met Anna at SIT in Sydney last year
she was so funny ... a few stories told
& from the start I have adored her 
& her gorgeous "Wendy" dresses
 so it was about time I had one to sport about!

hello to Dannielle from Sourpuss
love her cushions, home wares, head bands & grown up look!
have a like minded friend here with a shared passion for wonderful fabrics!

the amazing duo of Modern Millie
loving your work ladies
chandeliers & pirates
binding & bunting
cake toppers too!
whoo hooo!

 proudly hosted
love their selection of Fairly produced
all handmade jewellery & sweet pouches & more
arrhhh .... i stood there choosing one of these elephants
& was distracted .... hmmmf 
... next time!

 big fan of this talented lady
lovely to host you Nelena
from Wintu
love love your work
 Jackie barely needs another introduction
i adore her work
has been mentioned & the fact that one i sport one of her skirts is regualry
more gourgeousness!
great to have you once again Jackie!!

 the lovely rebecca of Rubyfish ...
... small world isn't it ...
a kinder in common with a favourite 4 year old of ours ...
 thanks for joining in & 'playing' rebecca ....

 Helen from Miss Ruby May
a visual feast of clever creativity
lovely works once again Helen!

 truly wonderful to host rachel
all handmade & so beautiful!

we welcomed Leah & Mandy
amazing range of many different & sweet

 another warm welcome back to
Rosemary with her beautiful photo cards
as ever it is a pleasure ...
pictured here with Jan, Isabel & Robyn

a first time Playful Marketer, Bron from
loving her style
a huge plus for us ... thanks for joining in Bron

 at ABC we love Carolyn
or at the Playful Market we know her as
lovely work & it was inspiring to be making on the day
showing off your skills
love your rainbow chasing!

Michelle from Miche
with her stunning book binding
seriously amazing skills this lady has
beautiful results
.... oh for a wallet that was a magic pudding!!
here's Keren checking out the details

and here's Village Spirit
with Lucy Swanson
adore the paper chains Lucy proudly shows off
all the way from Nepal
please find out more over here

Margaret with her Meadowsweet Handcrafts

Geoff with all his homegrown garden goodness!

& first time stall holder
Maria from Catabzar with her stunning jewellery

... now we hosted many more stalls
... alas no more pics
thankyou for joining us on the 28th:

Butterfield Farm - Malcolm & Maureen
Baby Chilli - Rebecca
Toastie Kids - Susan
Embriodery by Margaret

oh & yeah ... my little stall was there too ...
hARTylittlepeaces .... thanks for helping me Meags

Monday 30 July 2012

celebrating the Playful Market day ...

 decorated with pom pom garlands
crissy daisies
flea market fancy
stretchy yarn cords
melways bunting
hand stitched signs
curvy floating squiggles
& a rainbow connection 
full circling
face painting
fairy floss
2nd hand books
our amazing ABC Cafe!!
marcella the clown
abc handmade goodies ... yay Kay!
sensational handmade & fair traders
all quality & all sending the message
that at the ABC Playful Market we are all about having 
a great quality time together
& welcoming the people
we are a fabulous place to be
just ask anyone!!
you can join us any time!!
rainow treasure hunting
with the rabbit
harry high pants
the fairy princess
the court jester
& the pirate
a truly wonderful guided experience & amazing fun
 we love pom poms!
thankyou emotive yarns
 our hard working boys
sizzling sausages!
 ho-pity hop .... if you missed out
put the 8th of December in your diary now!
if you joined in
tell us all about it!!
we loved having you come to play!!
 special thanks from the Playful Market committee: 
Aretha, Christine & Wendy
.... to all the amazing helpers
thanks also to my photographers
Keren & Marie
..... special day & wonderful memories