Sunday, 15 July 2012

Many Hands Workshop

 i really love this kind of afternoon
many hands
great fun & chatting
lots of colour
yarn & paper & fabric
quality interesting handmade decorations
for our Handmade & Fair Trade Market
thanks to
Marie & Amanda & Katrina
& Sally ... making some Pom Poms ...
... Pom Poms? you say?? why?
well you will have to come along to see!!
& Alissa ... the glamor girl who added sparkle to each one!
 Deb & Jean ... super stars .... had a truly playful time
 today is partly what the Playful Market is all about
having fun together working towards a common worthy goal
 another super star .... Thanks Kate
its been said before that you are a gem
i stand by my words
do you spot a little DS fabric here?
yep that would be Flea Market Fancy
.... fairly appropriate i think .... 
no fleas on us!
 thanks Rhonda ... steaming iron wonder
table cloths made in a wink!
 oh & thanks also to Carolyn & Rebecca
who somehow .... i didn't actually take a photo of them at work ....
great afternoon ladies ... thanks for joining in!

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