Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Villiage Spirit Fair Trade Stall Holder

so very excited to have & new to the Playful Market
with their stunning 
paper chains
made from an indigenous plant in Nepal
way up in the Himalayas
using a paper making technique dating back to the
12th century

along with many many
gorgeous products including the hand wood block printing
& some stunning cashmere
& felted items
& awesome folk art
Mithila folk art

this is what Jane & Lucy the co-founders say about
We pride ourselves on selecting high quality and well designed products from around the world and we have a commitment to fair and ethical trade practices. Currently we are focused on Nepali hand craft including Lokta paper, felt, cotton and cashmere products. We design some of our own products, while aiming  to preserve the traditional skills of the Nepali craft producers.  We work in with established fair trade organisations and  businesses who have proven to have  fair  practices.
Many of the Nepali artisans are women from remote and mountainous areas who are given the chance to employ traditional skills in their own homes, enabling them to generate essential  income. This type of work empowers women and encourages them to stay in their villages with their families instead of traveling to other cities and countries to work.   We hope you enjoy our products and appreciate the skill involved as much as we do.

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    i'm excited to see the list of stall holders (on the right hand side).
    Thanks for featuring my blog!
    regards Nicole